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Recursive Labs Visual Engagement

Recursive Labs, Inc.

Enterprise Grade Visual Engagement from Consumer to Compliance

Recursive Labs is the leader in digital customer engagement. With our patented visual engagement platform, you can interface live with your customers on any device. Our enterprise grade platform allows you to be effective from the consumer all the way to compliance.

The Recursive Labs customer engagement solution includes Realtime cobrowse, Replay interactive video, Record archiving, and Reply chatbot integration. This patented Visual Engagement Platform is the first comprehensive solution (web & native mobile) built from the ground up for today's security-conscious industries.

Our open API platform includes:

  • The industry's most secure, cross-platform cobrowsing solution,
  • Engagement capabilities on any website, desktop, mobile, and IoT device,
  • No-download, in-browser audio and video chat,
  • Recording capabilities for compliance and training, and
  • Open integration with major bot platforms for interactive video and elegant escalation to live engagement.

The Recursive Labs Microsoft Dynamics integration brings these platform features to your agents:

  • Turnkey integration with your existing Microsoft Dynamics account,
  • Customer engagement and cobrowsing directly inside Dynamics or USD, and
  • Engagement data automatically attached to relevant Microsoft Dynamics entities.