Simple Asset Manager

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Easily create, approve, store and share your brand assets with our AI-enabled DAM solution

Have you ever come close to missing a deadline? Is your speed-to-market impacted by an inability to quickly find the right images, videos, logos, illustrations, infographics or other content?

Simple digital asset management provides you with a ‘single source of truth’ to centralise all your digital content, as well as the files behind your print, outdoor, broadcast and environmental executions, in any and every format you need.

With the Power of Simple behind you, you can keep track of versions, tag, search and filter, set up role-based permissions, and create modifiable templates to maintain brand and messaging consistency. Simple DAM lets you:

  • Enable your teams with controlled access to the latest assets, content and collateral relevant to them, eliminating the risk of unapproved content being published
  • Enrich your assets with AI with inbuilt facial recognition, automatic image tagging, and auto-tagging bulk uploads with folder metadata. Storage capacity is unlimited
  • Search assets your way, by title, description, file type, automatically extracted metadata custom tags you add. Create your own taxonomy to find your content faster
  • Manage your videos, with the ability to view, manage and share a comprehensive range of files and formats
  • Create approvals workflows to automate approvals with contextual asset information so reviewers can see everything they need to know
  • Edit documents in-app for Microsoft file formats including Word, PowerPoint and Excel, with changes tracked through document history giving you security, visibility and version control
  • Integrate all your marketing activities, through connecting to Simple’s Marketing Resource Management, so you can also manage your plans and budgets, campaign development workflows, approvals and compliance, and analyse performance.
Plus: because Simple integrates with Microsoft Teams, it can be accessed through a familiar, collaborative interface – reducing change management and deployment curves, so you’re seeing real value from your Simple investment much, much sooner.

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