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Skillate Smart Recruitment Product

Skillate Laboratories Pvt. Ltd.

Make Recruitment Easy, Fast and Transparent

Skillate Smart Recruitment Product is a fully-fledged ATS that leverages AI algorithms to optimize recruitment processes, drastically reducing time and money involved. 
Skillate Integration solutions can also easily integrate with a homegrown system or legacy ATS like SuccessFactors, Taleo, Workday, etc. and simplify the hiring process. 
Key Benefits
Reduce Screening Time
  • AI based candidate ranking and recommendation 
  • Automatic chatbot based screening 
  • Additional information and insights about the candidates
Reduce Hiring Time

  • Smart deduplication of candidates to avoid conflicts
  • Automated interview scheduling
  • Simplified interview pipeline and offer management
Improved candidate experience 
  • AI based JD assistant to improve job quality
  • AI powered career page with chatbot to simplify application process
  • Smooth experience in scheduling and interviewing
Why us?
We empowers organisations to improve the 4 KPIs of recruiting
  • The Efficiency Metric - Time to Hire
  • The Sourcing Metric- Qualifying Candidates
  • The Process Metric - Interviews per hire
  • The Quality Metric - Better Talents and Brand Value