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HR Power Extensions for Dynamics 365 for Talent


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Dynamics 365 + Talent + HR Power Extensions = Excellence

The HR Power Extensions extend Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Talent. They are a library of complementary HR apps alongside Industry and Country Templates. Just like Dynamics 365 for Talent, all extensions have a modular structure and can be scaled as required. You can compile individual apps from Dynamics 365 for Talent and components of the HR Power Extensions for your specific needs.

The combination of Microsoft Dynamics 365, Dynamics for Talent and the HR Power Extensions enables the complete fulfillment of challenging customer expectations, all on foundations of Microsoft technology.

The 3 Components of HR Power Extensions
  • HR Applications
  • HR Country Templates
  • HR Industry Templates
Technical Platform Integration

The HR Power Extensions for Dynamics 365 for Talent are fully integrated in Microsoft Dynamics 365. Effortless synchronizing of data between Talent Core-HR, the HR Power Extensions and the apps of Dynamics 365 takes place via CDS. For example, sales commissions can first be calculated in Dynamics Sales Application and then processed in the HR Solution.

Purchase and Deployment

You can install the HR Power Extensions locally in your company or use the software in the cloud. Independent from the chosen deployment option you have the option to either buy the solution or subscribe for a monthly fee.

Trial Solution - download for IT experts

IT experts can import the Trial solution in one of their own Dynamics 365 environments and establish a connection between the HR Power Extensions and Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Talent. IT know how is required. For further assistance, please follow the instructions that will be sent to you by email.

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