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Shieldox Autonomous Cloud Insights for Office 365


Transform & simplify O365 security with Autonomous Insights that make sense of all your information


With Office 365 and Shieldox Autonomous Cloud Insights, the modern workplace has never been more productive and secure. Shieldox gives organizations a unique, cloud-native solution to automate and simplify security, with an AI that understands information context on the cloud. The cloud makes it possible to grow and move business forward, and now you can make sense of all the information shared in and around it so you know what to protect.

Shieldox makes it easier than ever to manage information risks with the Autonomous Insights Radar, a simple interface that can be tailored to your organization with just a few clicks. Office 365 and Shieldox Autonomous Insights make sense of cloud sharing to tell threats apart from collaboration, driven by AI that understands information context. Best of all, it starts working out of the box with zero changes to how anyone works, to simplify security operations right away.

You can only control what you can see. Shieldox Autonomous Insights gives you unprecedented power to make sense of visibility.

Features and Benefits

  • Make sense of visibility with full context understanding for all business information
  • Accurately pinpoint threats in Office 365 with disrupting work
  • Collaborate smoothly by protecting just what needs protection
  • See information risks and exposures from all over the cloud in one simple place
  • Powered by revolutionary AI
  • Works out of the box without involving users
  • Instant integration with Office 365
  • Simplifies compliance with international regulations

Use Cases

  • Share files with colleagues and partners without losing sight of risks
  • Securely move to the cloud by automatically gaining insights into information risks
  • Identify information at risk from unauthorized sharing anywhere on the cloud


SaaS per user \ month