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TmaxSoft JEUS 8 Enterprise Edition


JEUS is a web application server(WAS) for developing and operating applications.

JEUS functions as a platform that can develop, operate and execute applications in the web environment, as well as provide diverse services. JEUS was the first WAS to receive J2EE 1.4, Java EE 5, and Java EE 6, EE 7 certifications, helping TmaxSoft to become globally recognized as a technical leader in Java application development. JEUS provides a variety of enterprise system functions such as transaction control, session management, and distributed session clustering. JEUS’ hierarchical structure maximizes flexibility and extensibility and enables the effective and easy use of business logic. In addition, because JEUS meets the latest full Java EE 6 specifications, JEUS includes an improved lightweight and flexible Java, scalability and developer productivity.