Introducing Microsoft Purview: 2 Hour Workshop

Slalom Consulting

Learn about how Microsoft Purview brings together comprehensive solutions from their compliance & data governance portfolios and Slalom's approach that provides security in harmony with your business.

Reimagine data governance and compliance

This Free 2 Hour Workshop will present you with the tools needed to govern, protect, and manage your data estate. Slalom will help you:

Understand and govern data - Manage visibility and governance of data assets across your environment
Microsoft Purview Data Map
Microsoft Purview Data Catalogue
Microsoft Purview Data Estate Insights

Safeguard data, wherever it lives - Protect sensitive data across clouds, apps, and devices
Microsoft Purview Information Protection
Microsoft Purview Data Loss Prevention
Microsoft Purview Insider Risk Management
Microsoft Purview Data Lifecycle Management

Improve risk and compliance posture - Identify data risks and manage regulatory compliance requirements
Microsoft Purview Compliance Manager
Microsoft Purview Communication Compliance
Microsoft Purview eDiscovery
Microsoft Purview Audit

Slalom invites you to learn about how Microsoft Purview brings together comprehensive solutions from Microsoft's compliance and data governance portfolios.

This workshop will define Slalom's approach with technology that empowers your business while keeping security in harmony with your business:

* People First
* Impactful Delivery
* Long Term Planning

After the workshop, you can consider next steps, including a 1:1 Demo for you and your team, a Proof of Concept in your environment, a Customized Strategy Session, or Requirements Gathering and Implementation Roadmap (available for additional fees).

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