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A More Granular Approach to Business Central Security and Permissions

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Advanced User Management (AUM) allows companies to restrict access to certain records by user.

By deploying AUM you can now restrict a user’s visibility to things like customers, salespeople/purchasers, dimensions, and GL Accounts at a global level. This means all your BC functions (including other extensions) will share in these global restrictions when filtered in AUM.

This allows greater administrative control over what end users are able to see adding the filters below on a user by user basis.

Use Cases

  • Restrict user view to only the customer(s) a certain user is dealing with
      • Can define by Customer Individually or their Customer Posting Group
  • Restrict user view to only the vendor(s) a certain user is dealing with
      • Can defined by Vendor Individually or their Vendor Posting Group
  • Restrict user view to the dimension(s) they are associated with.
      • One popular example is restricting users by the department they are assigned to
      • This can be defined at a general ledger, sales, or purchasing level
  • Restrict user view to only the GL Accounts they are associated with
      • Example - Sales department may only need access to the Sales GL Accounts
  • More narrowly define a users data view by giving them access to records assigned to their Salesperson or Purchasers Code.
  • Enable the ability to block visibility to AR, AP, and GL Balances
  • More control around who can see item cost and who can post inventory journals and adjustments.

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