MAX PAY GLOBAL for Business Central


Universal payment solution for Dynamics 365 Business Central

MAX Pay Global for Business Central (“MPG”) is a Payment provider solution for Dynamics 365 Business Central (“BC”) which enables integrated payments to be made from within BC supporting multiple payment providers and methods of payment. MPG currently supports pay-by-link and support for a payment terminal for a traditional payment terminal / reader experience is on our roadmap. Depending upon the payment provider, or “Gateway”, it is possible to connect to a selection of payment providers or processors.


  • Allow customers to make payments against an Invoice – using Pay By Link
  • PCI Scope reduction – Customers complete the payment form in their own environment on their own device – card holder data is never captured in the Business Central Environment
  • The Payment provider provides all the hosting of the payment form that is presented to the customer, taking ownership of this overhead – using a PCI validated solution.
  • MAX Pay Global supports multiple Payment Gateways to offer flexibility and choice to the merchant.
  • Multiple pay by links per Invoice
  • Control the duration /expiry of a link
  • Surface many payment methods to the end customer, ranging from traditional credit and debit cards to more modern methods of payments and wallets including PayPal, Venmo, Klarna and more!
  • Allow the customer to pay when it suits them, offline asynchronously
  • Easily check the status of payments for a given Invoice or batch of invoices, scheduling this if need be
  • Multiple instances of a Payment Service, allowing you to configure different Merchant IDs for different purposes
  • Easy installation and configuration
  • Retail Realm provides ongoing support, maintenance, licensing and roadmap to service your immediate and future needs


Naturally, MAX Pay Global ensures that your Business Central environment is free from card holder data. Cardholder data is never entered by the merchant, never transmitted or stored in your environment so you can be sure to receive the minimum PCI scope and assessment possible for your business.


MAX Pay Global for Business Central provides connectivity to a number of Payment Gateways, - each supporting different regions, processors/acquirers and each with their own unique selling points. Retail Realm only work with providers who adhere to the highest operational and security standards.

New Features for 2024 MPG Wave 2

MAX Pay Global for Business Central now supports key new features including:

  • Allow customers to pay using an integrated Chip and Pin Payment Terminal
  • Pay using a NFC Sticker/Tag
  • Pay by scanning a QR code using their mobile phone, using a range of wallets including ApplePay and GPay.
  • Expanded range of wallets and Buy-Now-Pay-Later
  • Expanded choice when it comes to your payment provider
  • Pay by link now includes paying by ACH
  • Payment reconciliation

MAX Pay Global is also available for Finance and Operations and Commerce

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