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Attach documents to and create, edit, and collaborate on Wrike tasks in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

UPDATED: Completely rebuilt, this add-in now works with Office for Mac as well as Excel, adds extensive task viewing and editing capabilities, allows you to stay logged in to Wrike, and much more.

Wrike is powerful online project management software that enables every type of team to accomplish more, at scale. With Wrike for Office Documents, you can attach documents to new or existing Wrike tasks as well as view, edit, and collaborate on tasks, all right in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

You use Wrike to manage your projects and tasks, but not all your work happens in Wrike. And, when tasks require you to produce written documents, you can get sidetracked when you need to switch to Wrike to upload new versions, reference work requirements, update task statuses, or collaborate with your team.

Wrike for Office Documents enables you to work in Wrike without needing to leave your Office document apps, so you can stay focused and be more productive:

- Attach documents and upload new versions to Wrike tasks

- Create new tasks

- Search for and view any of your existing tasks

- Update task status and dates, assign tasks, and more

- Edit task details, including rich text formatting

- See your team’s changes to tasks in real time with Live Editor

- Send and receive Wrike comments on tasks

- Immediate 2-way sync with Wrike

- Works with Office desktop (Windows & Mac) and online apps

Get more done by installing Wrike for Office Documents today!

Note that you’ll need a free or paid Wrike account to use Wrike for Office Documents.

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