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Use beautifully designed text to tell your story.

Data Storytelling is an effective way to capture and articulate complex data into engaging visualizations. Data alone is just a collection of numbers, whereas Data Storytelling is the process of investigating, digesting and shaping that data to tell compelling stories that resonate with your audience.

Enlighten Designs is a Microsoft-based innovation studio established in 1998 and specializing in the art of telling data-driven stories to deliver exceptional customer value. Starting back in September 2016 when Microsoft revealed the ‘Power BI Best Visual’ contest and our Enlighten Aquarium won a people’s choice award, we received an opportunity to be the delivery partner for Microsoft’s Data Journalism Program. Since this time, we have created many FREE Custom Visuals and AppSource Consulting Offers.

Enlighten Designs is a global leader at transforming public and private data into beautiful, engaging, accessible visualizations that invite engagement from your entire audience. We have produced the world’s most widely viewed public Power BI data visualizations for The Associated Press, Politico and Microsoft, as well as numerous internal dashboards, mobile reports and in-app visualizations.

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