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Packed Bubble Chart to plot data clusters, & gain data driven insights for effective decision making

The xViz Packed Bubble chart, also known as the Bubble cluster chart, is highly recommended for displaying hierarchical data as densely packed circles of various sizes and colors. Each circle represents a category or sub-category in the data hierarchy, with its color representing a dimension and its size being determined by a metric value.

A packed bubble visualization is similar to a bubble chart, except that the bubbles are tightly packed rather than dispersed in a grid. A packed bubble visualization can be used to display a large amount of data and readers can easily and quickly identify patterns in large datasets.

Key Feature Highlights:

  • Custom Bubble - Visualize data as colored bubbles to provide an aesthetic representation for your end-users. With the custom bubble size option, you can set the minimum and maximum bubble size.
  • Cluster Mode – Cluster the bubbles to easily identify sub-categories and categories. You may also configure the cluster size and enable cluster totals.
  • Grouping – Add a measure to the legend field to group the bubbles and easily include/exclude certain categories.
  • Conditional Formatting – Create various formatting rules so that the bubbles can be colored according to predefined conditions. This gives your end users a simple-to-understand view of the data.
  • Data labels
  • – Customize to show category, value, % or Total, or all combinations to perform additional analysis. You can also set the text scaling to word wrap or responsive for a data label that scales with the bubble’s size.
  • Number Formatting – You have full flexibility to customize decimal places, % totals individually, edit decimal and 1000’s separators in the visual.
  • Summary Table – Gain a tabular overview to slice and filter your data.

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