Real Estate Document Management System

par Al Rafay Consulting LLC

Innovative document management tool built using SharePoint & designed for Real Estate industry

Document management can become a big hassle when dealing in a big quantity, our Document Management System based on SharePoint online can prove to be a lifesaver. It is a centralized document processing system that is fully automated through SharePoint workflows, making it easy for the users to capture, validate, and have real-time collaboration on the documents. We ensure to provide an automated experience to the user for all the approval processes which saves time and increases productivity. It is fully enriched with the following features:

  1. Industry-standard taxonomy
  2. Automated OCR
  3. Dynamic reporting on entire database w/ export options
  4. Bulk data upload and download
  5. Advanced Search (Search by Document Title and/or Content Keywords)
  6. Mobile Interface
  7. Customized Alerts by Document Type
  8. Retention Policy
  9. Automatic Legal Notices
  10. Security & Governance

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