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Sense, analyze and shape activities to optimize your revenue potential.

o9 Revenue Management capabilities are powering enterprises to forecast demand better, recommend optimal revenue initiatives to support plans and analyze performance vs. plan to identify hidden opportunities.



  • Demand Planning: o9’s AI/ML powered demand planning helps predict demand better. In addition, it enables organizations to sense, analyze, plan and shape demand to optimize both short-term and long-term sales and margin performance.

  • Revenue Optimization: Align bottoms up revenue plans and top-down growth targets and strategies by category, region, and channel.

  • NPI Planning: Optimize product portfolio range with Advanced Segmentation, Analytics and Scenario Planning capabilities. Improve success of new product launches and transitions.

  • Market Intelligence: Create insightful category, customer, competitor, and channel intelligence to support revenue management and demand planning processes.

  • Commercial Analytics: Leverage o9’s Enterprise Knowledge Graph (EKG) model and advanced AI/ML algorithms to create predictive and prescriptive insights to guide Product Assortment, Pricing, Promotion, Distribution Investments and Initiatives to optimize Revenue and Margin.



  • Integrated Revenue Planning Model: Connecting plans and initiatives across different Product Lines, Markets, Channels, and Time horizons to real time Market Knowledge.

  • Rich Market Knowledge:  Using o9’s EKG and external data sources, build a sophisticated model of local markets, customers, competitors, channels, and other leading indicators of demand.

  • Real-time risk and opportunity alert:  Detect changes in market conditions, competitor actions and execution. Evaluate and prioritize impacts for proactive response.

  • Robust Scenario Planning: Construct different demand scenarios based on risks, opportunities, and incremental commercial initiatives (NPI, marketing, pricing, promos). Evaluate P&L impact and feasibility before deciding on the optimal course of action.

  • Real-time demand shaping:  Align revenue initiatives to shape demand away from constrained supply. Simulate demand for excess inventory and capacity and deploy alternative strategies.

  • Drive Rapid Adoption: o9’s UX innovations including NLP, connected Excel, Mobile Assistants and digital storyboards drive rapid adoption in your enterprise with minimal disruption to your current processes.

About o9

o9 is the premier AI-powered platform for driving digital transformations of integrated planning and operations capabilities. o9’s clients span a variety of industries across manufacturing and retail supply chain. All your core planning processes - whether it is driving demand, aligning demand & supply, or managing P&L, can be made faster and smarter with o9’s AI-powered digital solutions and delivered seamlessly in one platform.

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