A Unified Contracting Experience on a Truly AI-Native Platform

Sirion’s AI-native CLM platform helps organizations streamline workflows, optimize contract performance, and mitigate risk, ensuring that businesses not only meet but exceed their contract management goals. Built on groundbreaking AI, Sirion fosters collaboration across legal, legal operations, procurement, sales, and other vital business teams. It's not just about better contracts and risk management; it's about building stronger, more meaningful business relationships. Here is an overview of Sirion’s AI-native platform across the contracting lifecycle:

STORE: Transform legacy contracts into business intelligence assets, consolidate and centralize past and present agreements from across data silos, and use generative AI to get simple, insightful answers to complex contract questions.

CONTRACT EXTRACTION: Use Sirion’s Single Extraction Agent (SEA) to mine contract intelligence.

INTELLIGENT REPOSITORY: Get visibility into every buy- and sell-side contract across the enterprise.

CONVERSATIONAL SEARCH: Get contract insights in seconds.

CREATE: Create your own contracting playbook, generate first drafts in minutes, and get AI assistance to negotiate deals that keep your business moving forward.

CONTRACT AUTHORING: Generate first drafts in a matter of minutes.

AI CONTRACT REVIEW: Go beyond mere clause-by-clause review.

AI CONTRACT REDLINING: Negotiate airtight agreements.

MANAGE: Collaborate with suppliers and customers, monitor how your relationships are performing, work together to pre-empt and mitigate risks, and maintain total control over your contracting practice.

CONTRACT PERFORMANCE: Get a 360–degree view of how your relationships are performing.

CONTRACT ADMINISTRATION: Streamline governance to strengthen business relationships.

CONTRACT OPTIMIZATION: Manage the inherent complexity of a maturing contracting practice.

Sirion has also been recognized by major industry analyst groups such as Gartner, IDC, Spend Matters as a leader in the contract lifecycle management (CLM) domain. For more information visit

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