Power Automate Desktop (RPA) Migration Proof-of-Value

Ashling Partners

Free workshop + accelerated assessment + POVs(4 x migrated processes) provides the insights and foundational steps necessary to embark on a successful migration.

A rapid, comprehensive package designed to evaluate, educate and kickstart your company's migration from any existing RPA platform. This free workshop and accelerated assessment + POC(4 x migrated processes) provides the insights and foundational steps necessary to embark on a successful full scale migration. It is crafted to deliver maximum executive insight and strategic direction while minimizing potential risks.

With our expert resources, actionable deliverables, and strategic planning, you'll be well equipped to take on the challenges of an automation migration with confidence and clarity.

Benefits and Outcomes:
• Prioritized Process & Automation Backlog: Complete backlog with recommended priority by business value.
• Up to 4 Process Proof of Concepts Migrations: Validate our approach, and the target technology, with our automation experts before a full scale migration.
• Full Planning & Execution Proposal: Detailed proposal for the full migration project, including strategic recommendations and roadmap.
• Migration Assessment Executive readout

This package includes:
• (Free) 2-hour Pre-Assessment Workshop
• Scoping Total Effort to Migrate
• High Level Objective & Viability Questionnaire
• Document Current State Inventory
• Technical & Complexity Assessment
• Microsoft License Strategy Review (in the context of the migration)
• Cost/Benefit & Impact Analysis
• Migration Assessment Executive One Pager

Estimate Duration: 4-weeks

Support Source Platforms: Any existing RPA configuration - BluePrism, Automation Anywhere, etc.

Our differentiators:
• Elite Microsoft Expertise: Recognized Microsoft Solutions Partner with Specialization(s).
• 360 Degree Service Provider: Advisor, Building, Executing, Running and Managing the estate.
• Tremendous RPA Expertise: Industry leader by Forrester in the RPA Services segment.
• Our Value-first Philosophy: We focus on value and business outcomes.

Who should use this product?
Organizations that see a lack of meaningful business outcomes and lost momentum that brings automation programs into question.

Call to action:
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