Avanade Microsoft Copilot for Security

Avanade, Inc.

We have channeled our unique experience as the leading Microsoft Security services provider to develop this new to market approach to help clients successfully adopt Microsoft Security Copilot.

Skilled security professionals continue to be in short supply, just as cyber threats keep increasing in volume, velocity, and sophistication. 

Microsoft Security Copilot can help with traditional SOC challenges:

• Increasing threat sophistication

• High mean time to threat detection and resolution

• Scare security talent

• Complexity of SecOps tasks

• Too many noise alerts and inaccurate information

• Lack of automation

• Too many disconnected product

• Difficulty converting IoCs into mitigations

Microsoft has responded to these challenges by launching Microsoft Security Copilot— an AI-driven security assistant that empowers defenders to detect hidden patterns, harden defenses and respond to incidents with speed and scale. Microsoft Security Copilot's closed loop learning system continuously adapts, informed by Microsoft's global threat intelligence and more than 65 trillion daily signals.

Unlock value with Microsoft Security Copilot:

  1. Respond to incidents in minutes, not hours - Identify an ongoing attack, assess its scale, and learn how to start remediation based on tactics from real-world security incidents.

  2. Hunt threats & vulnerabilities - Discover your susceptibility to know explores/vulnerabilities with simple prompts that examine your environment one asset at a time for breach evidence.

  3. Quickly summarize & report on incidents - Prepare information security reports on events, incidents and/or threads in a ready-to-share report customized to your audience within minutes.

  4. Address talent shortages & augment the human experience - Get new analysts up to speed rapidly with our well-engineered promptbooks, design to bridge the skills gaps.

  5. Improve quality of life - Improve quality of life for your security operations center (SOC) analysts with natural language prompts that increase engagement, retention, and response effectiveness.

  6. Develop unique skills & train your copilot - Extend out-of-the-box capabilities with skill development that leverages in-house knowledge that can be used to train your copilot to meet your specific needs.

As a Security Copilot Design Advisory Council member, we have channeled our years of Microsoft SOC transformation experience, and the experience from our own internal team’s usage of Microsoft Security Copilot to develop our unique approach to help clients rapidly adopt Microsoft Security Copilot and drive its successful adoption as part of the first steps to Security Operations Modernization with Generative AI.

Our approach starts with:

  1. Microsoft Security Copilot Readiness Assessment – a 1 - 2-hour overview of Microsoft Security Copilot’s capabilities, a demo of Microsoft Security Copilot in action and our proprietary questionnaire to determine your readiness and identify the initial key use cases to support a successful Microsoft Security Copilot deployment.

  2. Plan for Microsoft Security Copilot – a follow up 2-hour deep dive assessment of your current state resulting in a Proposal of a deployment plan, which can include key pre-requisites like Defender for Endpoint.

  3. Rapid Deployment of Microsoft Security Copilot - Within 6 weeks deploy Microsoft Security Copilot rapidly with role-based access controls and test validation using out-of-the-box integrations, and our acceleration assets to begin your SOC modernization journey across your top 3 use cases.

Once deployed, we would then explore further activities to maximize usage of Microsoft Security Copilot with the aim to modernize your SOC.

  1. Modernize your SOC – with our Microsoft Security Copilot Transformation Factory, which drives the transformation from old runbooks and manual activities and modernizes them into Promptbook and skills.

  2. Manage, Defend and Evolve where we manage Microsoft Security Copilot with our SOC analysts and global SOCs, leveraging Microsoft Security Copilot’s capabilities to proactively Defend your environment and our Evolution approach to maximize value and usage, increasing ROI.

*Pricing will vary based on the scope of the engagement.

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