Avanade Process Mining MVP FY24

Avanade, Inc.

Start your process mining journey to uncover actionable insights to create value for your business with Avanade's Process Mining MVP.

Get started with Power Automate Process Mining by generating custom visualizations built on your own system data. Create working proof of concept (POC) or minimum viable product (MVP) with real a business process to gain organizational interest and buy-in for investment for realizing benefits with Power Automate Process Mining at scale.

Avanade's Process Mining MVP includes:

  • End-to-End Process Mining of Source data for one end-to-end business process leveraging Power Automate Process Mining

  • Creation of a process data model consisting of: Case ID, Activity Name, Start / End Time Stamp

  • Avanade will ingest and model the process for visualization (2 iterations), providing you with a view in Power Automate Process Mining of how your business process works as derived from your own system data.

  • Creation of a process map with default value drivers

  • One intro to process mining workshop

*Pricing will vary based on the scope of the engagement.

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