Avanade Teams Employee Workflow Solutions FY23

Avanade, Inc.

Enable the development and automation of employee workflow processes and procedures through Teams and Power Platform (including Frontline Workers and common workflow automation solutions)

Organisations around the world have rapidly deployed Teams and Power Platform to maintain business continuity and provide secure integrated communications, collaboration and business applications. We can help you to increase the value you get from Teams through employee workflow design, automation and implementation , leveraging your investment in Teams and Power Platform utilizing our Teams Design Workshop methodology

Teams Workplace applications - our studios and application factories can help you to envisage, design, rapidly build, integrate, test, deploy and continuously improve team and user centric applications that use native Teams and Power Platform capabilities e.g. workflows to improve performance and reduce costs, address the needs of your Front Line Workers within industry specific solutions and delivered by offering Teams consumption based pricing model to help you consume the service on a per user / per month basis if that is applicable

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