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Introduction to Power BI: 2-Hr Briefing

Beyondsoft Consulting

An introduction to Power BI and how it can unlock value for your business.

There is an increasing amount of data in your business, and a growing desire to use that data to analyze your business, solve business problems, and discover new opportunities for revenue, process improvement, and increased customer satisfaction.

If you are intrigued by the value of Power BI but are unsure how to start, we invite you to spend a couple hours with our data experts as we show you real-world examples of how Power BI can help you surface actionable insights to drive data-driven business decisions. We’ll look at your business to see where deep analysis would have the most impact and give you clear next steps on how to make Power BI work for your business.


  • Review of your current reporting process
  • Introduction to Power BI and Beyondsoft’s expertise in deep data analysis
  • Provide real-word examples of delivering business value with Power BI
  • Discussion of your specific business issues
  • Identification of existing data sources


  • Recommendations for using Power BI to address your specific data and business issues