Advanced Data Visualization: 1-Day Workshop

Clouds On Mars

Learn how to effectively communicate quantitative business data using Microsoft Power BI.

This one-day workshop is for business intelligence professionals, analysts, and specialists who produce reports using modern BI tools.

It is held remotely via Skype/Teams (we can also arrange for an on-site training, this has a higher cost)

After this dynamic workshop you will have a deeper understanding of how to build effective dashboards and reports that convey your message effectively using the right visualization techniques. You will also gain experience on how this can be done in Power BI with native and custom visuals.


You will learn how to:

  • Tell a story using data
  • Match your message with the right type of visuals
  • Understand how to select appropriate colors, fonts, and structure
  • Gain familiarity with Power BI report layouts, backgrounds, and color themes
  • Manage report space to ensure users discover maximum insight from the report
  • Design and choose graphs to communicate information simply, clearly, and accurately
  • Use complex, custom Power BI visuals (including Visio diagrams)

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