Customer 360:Customer Insights: 1Wk Implementation

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Effectively visualize, analyze and identify opportunities for sales by effortlessly merging, matching and segmenting customers to gain customer insights

This solution helps you build a deeper understanding of your customers on an individual level to serve them better as a whole by means of refining and redefining your customer target groups for your marketing and sales campaigns. Meet your customers’ needs and preferences with personalized activity recommendations built on top of your customer segments and your single, unified 360° customer view.

All of the above available within 7 days’ time!

The solution works by:

  • Automatically bringing in all customer data from every part of your business: purchases, reviews, cases, loyalty points.
  • Our experts help you combine records of the same customer into a single source of truth that can be accessible across sales, marketing, and service channels with one master record for each customer.
  • This provides your business with a consolidated yet comprehensive profile of their basic customer information, activity, and metrics to identify pain points, patterns, and opportunities to engage with your customers and maximize their lifetime value while fulfilling your objectives.
  • The solution will automatically define and refine your customer segments and target groups, based on demographic, transactional, and behavioral customer attributes.

Outputs / Benefits

  • Broaden your customer perspective and unlock new customer insights.
  • Apply analytics to individual customers or the entire business so that your decisions are fully data-driven.
  • Create more strategic sales and marketing campaigns with dynamic targeting.
  • Address your customers in a tailor-made fashion both online and in-store. Propose recommendations for the next products to buy.


The estimated cost for implementation of the solution is USD 5000. This is based on the assumption that your data already defined, coherent, and available in a defined data model with verified, clean customer data from your POS, reviews, cases, loyalty points (i.e. no additional data cleansing is needed).

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