Replace InfoPath with Power Apps: 4-Day Workshop


*This onsite Proof of Concept workshop will show you how to replace InfoPath or Lotus Notes-based forms easily with PowerApps.*

This four-day workshop, conducted onsite at your facility, will allow your team to vet PowerApps as a suitable replacement platform for form software like InfoPath or Lotus Notes. You choose which process to target, and our team will work with yours on building out a working Proof of Concept and an assessment. A ROI document will also be prepared. ### Agenda * Day 1: Current State Review and UI / UX Design * Day 2: PowerApps Buildout and Workflows * Day 3: Design Refinement and Data Integration * Day 4: Testing, rollout, and ROI ### Deliverables * Process Review * User Interface * User Experience * PowerApps build * Data Integration (CDS) * Process Automation (Flow) * Best Practices * Pro Tips * Proof of Concept PowerApp **Notes** * Training is limited to 10 attendees per session and will be conducted on-site at the client's facility * Travel within the continental United States included
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