Dynamics 365 Smart license optimization and compliancy check


delaware License Optimization Tool: Smart, User action-Based License Management for D365 F&O Compliance

The delaware License Optimization Tool is a custom developed solution designed to enhance the management of licenses in Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations (D365 F&O). Unlike the standard D365 F&O feature, which only provides insights based on security setup, this tool monitors user activity within the system and calculates the required licenses based on their actual usage. The results are displayed in a workspace, providing administrators clear insights into their licensing needs. Potential optimizations are visualized in and easy to understand and user friendly workspace.

To remain compliant with Microsoft's licensing requirements, it is essential to configure security settings correctly in D365 F&SCM. Often, the actual license usage by users does not align with the licenses assigned based on their security roles. The License Optimization Tool also offers recommendations on how to adjust security settings to better match the actual licensing requirements of users.

The actual assessment takes no longer than 1 day, but we advise to run the tool for at least 2 months to gather sufficient insights in system usage.

This add-on solution is fully compatible with all versions of D365 F&SCM, making it a versatile and valuable tool for optimizing license management.

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