Frontline Worker Accelerator Workshop - 2 days

Enabling Technologies Corporation

This Frontline Worker 2 Day Envisioning Workshop will provide you with the knowledge and next steps to setting up your customer facing employees for success.

The Frontline Workers accelerator 2 day workshop includes is designed to show you the possibilities available to your organization right now and help you determine a plan of action.

Day One:

Assess the frontline workforce needs Identify personas and scenarios to deliver innovative solutions to your frontline workers through the lens of Teams Discuss and Demonstrate workplace scenarios Demonstrate tools such as Shifts, Time Clock, Tasks & Power Apps Identify which of the following priority scenarios are most relevant:

  • Connect your workforce
  • Digitize manual processes
  • Accelerate onboarding
  • Empower your frontline workers with purpose-built devices
  • Security Considerations

Day Two:

  • Enable a Microsoft 365 F1 or a Microsoft 365 F3 trial.
  • Develop a Solution Plan to address the customer’s frontline worker business challenges
  • Develop an implementation plan and provide recommendations based on the frontline worker priority scenarios

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