Frontline Worker MCI Build Intent Workshop - 3 days

Enabling Technologies Corporation

The Enable Frontline Workshop, customers will work through various frontline worker challenges and pain points to identify top prioritized scenarios for their frontline workforce.

Workshop Goals

  1. Assess your frontline workforce needs leveraging the Microsoft 365 solutions - Identify personas and scenarios to deliver innovative solutions to your frontline workers with the universal hub for productivity and communications in Microsoft Teams
  2. Accelerate outcomes using Customer Immersion Experience tailored to specific industry - Showcase tools most desired by customers, such as Microsoft Solutions such as: Shifts, Time Clock, Tasks, Approvals, Power Platform and line-of-business apps solutions
  3. Develop a solution plan addressing frontline workers business challenges - Develop a plan to implement recommendations based on frontline worker prioritized scenarios

Workshop Overview Day 1 Assess -Kick-off meeting – understand the opportunity for frontline workers using Microsoft 365 tools to enhance the frontline worker experience -Identify executive sponsors and business stakeholders including ITDMs, BDMs, Frontline Workers -Pre-engagement questionnaire -Floor walk with frontline workers (optional)

Day 1-2 Art of the Possible -Drive intent to purchase Microsoft 365 frontline worker licensing through envisioning the Art of the Possible with Microsoft Teams, Power Platform, and other line of business apps to improve the employee experience -Select appropriate modules to focus on specific industries and scenarios -Identify frontline workers’ pain points -Deliver guided simulations and immersive experiences

Day 2-3 Build the Plan -Deep dive on frontline worker challenges and map to scenarios using Microsoft 365 solutions/workloads -Define high-level plan -Deliver Value Calculator output (optional) -Work with customer to drive pilot or proof of concept

Certain clients may be eligible for a no-cost workshop, contact us today to see if your client is eligible. Pricing for non-funded customers is $5,000

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