EY Customer Experience Accelerator Assessment: 4 weeks

EY Global

Create seamless, omnichannel experiences to meet rising expectations

Customer expectations are higher than ever and providing a seamless experience for your customers, patients or citizens can be complex. People expect to engage where and how they want, in a safe and fast way and with information that is relevant specifically to them. They want personal interaction to be consistent, whether they start on a website, in a chat or on the phone. However, businesses must find a way to balance these changing demands while reducing the cost to serve and mitigating risk.

Powered by Microsoft Digital Contact Center including Dynamics 365 Customer Service and Copilot, the EY Customer Experience Accelerator unifies all digital and personal interactions infusing EY industry-leading practices into templates, processes and smart assistants.

This 4-week assessment includes:

  • Assessing current state and business value
  • Data maturity assessment
  • Organizational change readiness assessment
  • User story creation 

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