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RapidStartCRM: 10-Hr Proof of Concept


RapidStartCRM is powered by, and certified for Microsoft Dynamics 365. Sign up for a proof of concept to try it out with your own data and users!

RapidStartCRM is a purpose-built application for basic CRM requirements, designed to extend it further.

Before exploring this Proof of Concept (POC) offer, you should take a Test Drive of our application by clicking this link.

Purpose of this POC

This POC offer is designed to allow you to better see how RapidStartCRM could meet your requirements.

  • RapidStartCRM is built on the Common Data Service platform utilizing the Microsoft Power Platform.
  • The Common Data Service (CDS) platform, is the same platform that Microsoft's full first-party generic applications are built on.

The RapidStartCRM secret to success, for all of our applications, is to start with basic capabilities, gain user confidence and adoption, and then extend from there.


What does this Proof of Concept include?

Up to ten hours of expert consulting to assist with, or perform the following items:

  • Creation of a trial CDS environment, and installation of our core RapidStartCRM application
  • Add POC users and assign roles
  • Perform light customizations to demonstrate platform flexibility
  • Import a minimal subset of your own data for familiarity
  • Setup the Mobile App experience
  • Collect user feedback and develop a "Next Steps" action plan