Leapwork Rapid Automated Regression Testing and RSAT conversion Implementation - 6 weeks

Illumina Technology Solutions

Illumina Technology (ITS) with Leapwork gets your automation testing solution up and running in 45 days and reduces time spent on manual regression testing by 90%, giving customers 5x ROI

With the Microsoft OneVersion approach leading to more frequent updates and releases throughout the year, and the need for improving the standard solution with customizations to cater to needs of specific business, a continuous automated testing framework is imperative for a company's Dynamics 365 app stack. Thoroughly regression testing all scenarios consistently, reliably, and across multiple applications and integrations in a single regression testing script is required to assure your business proactively works towards eliminating any surprises through configuration changes or application updates, including third parties that may not let you know of updates they are conducting.

Illumina Technology Solutions (ITS) has a premiere partnership with Leapwork that will jumpstart your Quality Assurance (QA) automation journey across the Dynamics 365 application stack and beyond leveraging our dual expertise on the Leapwork platform and the entire suite of Dynamics 365.

Leapwork is a strategic Microsoft test automation partner for Dynamics 365, Azure, and Power Platform. Additionally, Leapwork offers seamless support for other cloud SaaS platforms such as Oracle, SAP, Salesforce, and home-grown systems which makes it a perfect fit for enterprise QA automation tooling.

In the Dynamics 365 space, ITS offers four prepackaged offerings: a new automation workload (25 or 50 scenarios) as well as Regression Suite Automation Testing (RSAT) to Leapwork migration (25 or 50 scenarios). Each offering includes Leapwork setup, 8 hours of training, as well as exclusive Leapwork licensing.

Other advantages of choosing ITS as the implementation partner for Leapwork?

-Accelerated automation implementation for D365 scenarios through pre-built critical regression scenarios and deep experience on the app stack
-Experience of implementing end to end application including non-Dynamics 365 apps such as SAP, Oracle, Salesforce, etc.
-Expertise in setting up automation test factory fully driven from offshore
-Largest number of Leapwork certified professionals

Illumina Technology Solutions is the premier Leapwork implementation partner for Dynamics 365 globally.

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