Empower Education by Minsait: 1 day Assessment


In this assessment, we demonstrate how to empower students, teachers and administration experience.

The human factor, data and automation are positioned as priority needs for reinventing education and adapting to the actual needs, with a clear objective: “Achieve a successful student experience.” By achieving this goal we are going to become his maximum reference in the educational world and therefore we will we his first choice for both him and his near circle.

How we achieve our goal? We believe that to empower the student experience we must act throughout their entire life cycle, from prospect to Alumni taking into account that all the actions made in each phase push a wheel that lead to our objective. In our value proposal we have identify 5 strategic pillars to cover the entire cycle:

  1. Recruitment and admissions
  2. Student Experience
  3. Marketing and communications
  4. Institution operations
  5. Advancement and Alumni Engagement

The goal throughout this assessment is to be able to have an open conversation about your concerns so that we can acquire a minimun knowledge about your business, figuring out pain points and proposing solutions. We will demonstrate how through Dynamics 365 and Power Platform capabilities we can obtain a complete solution to give response to the student journey and it’s interactions with administration and teachers.

At the end of the session we will ensure that you get a document of our value proposal and, if it is believed that we can add more value to your business, we can establish next steps to work with Minsait.

You can find a .pdf with our complete offer of the assessment in the tab of "Additional information" section "Links".

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