CO2e Emissions Reporting: Workshop


Certified Carbon Emissions Reporting

Supply Chain Leaders are now facing a great pressure from investors and society to run a more sustainable business and achieve sustainability goals in the committed timeline. CO2 reporting in industries faces several challenges. Accurate data collection from multiple sources is complex and can be prone to errors. The lack of standardization in emissions calculations complicates comparisons across companies or industries. Some companies may also lack the necessary technology or expertise to effectively track and report emissions. Navigating the varying regulations across different regions and countries is another challenge, especially for multinational companies. Finally, tracking and reporting indirect emissions from a company's value chain (Scope 3 emissions) can be particularly challenging due to their complex nature.

Lingaro can support your Sustainability Team to validate business requirements, review available data, design, implement and supply chain sustainability reporting in one country and later execute a future roll-out across all regions.

Our offerings include:

  • Sustainability Expertise: We combine sustainability SME knowledge, technology skills, and domain experience to support customers in creating and implementing CO2 emission reporting.
  • Data Integration Support: We assist in integrating data from various systems to build a comprehensive data model for Sustainability Reporting.
  • EcoTransit Partnership: Our partnership with EcoTransit enhances our project experience in CO2 Emission Reporting.

Our goal is to connect knowledge and insights across your teams and regions to improve the accuracy of reporting. We also provide guidance on both business and technology aspects, which include future roadmaps and self-development plans. With Lingaro, navigating the complex landscape of CO2 emission reporting becomes easier and more efficient.

We use Microsoft tools like Power BI, Azure, and others to provide accurate and detailed reporting. We are experts in these tools and can manage, analyze, and visualize your data, giving you useful insights. We know how important and valuable sustainability reporting is, and we use the best technology and tools to do it. We are dedicated to using Microsoft products to deliver the most trustworthy and reliable reporting, helping you to achieve your sustainability aims and comply with regulations.

Lingaro experience:

  • GHG Emissions in Transportation - calculation of CO2 emissions and interactive dashboard with deep-dive analysis
  • Packaging Materials and Supplier Environmental Assessment – visual reporting and detailed analytics for each material shipped
  • Energy Consumption – detailed analytics of energy saving opportunities by warehouse, distribution center or plant

Workshop agenda:

  1. Introduction and Welcome
  2. Understanding Your Business and Sustainability Goals
  3. Overview of CO2 emissions reporting
  4. Lingaro's Role and Services
  5. Demonstration of Microsoft Tools for Reporting
  6. Q&A Session
  7. Conclusion and Next Steps

Lingaro understands that our clients have different needs and goals. We provide consultation meetings to listen to your concerns, suggest possible options, and plan a customized approach. Our team of professionals is eager to meet with you, evaluate your case, and help you find the best and most lasting solutions. Get in touch with us today to book a consultation.

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