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Text Analytics Engine: 2-Wk Implementation

MAQ Software

Extract meaningful insights from feedback data to satisfy ever-evolving customer needs leveraging Microsoft Power BI.

Text Analytics Engine, built on Microsoft Azure Databricks, is an unsupervised machine learning algorithm and Microsoft Power BI solution that extracts insights from customer feedback. Using Text Analytics Engine, product managers and customer support teams can easily understand and respond to customer concerns without reading feedback data —resulting in faster and superior service to customers.

Discover valuable insights

Use Text Analytics Engine to identify and track customer sentiment, prioritize product features, and streamline product development. Customer feedback is organized by themes, allowing you to easily understand sentiment and identify the context while providing essential services to customers.

Analyze hundreds of customer feedback comments quickly and reliably

Text Analytics Engine can process hundreds of customer comments and deliver insights within minutes. The unsupervised learning algorithm enables the engine to learn by itself and eliminates the need to manually review customer feedback—leaving you free to act upon surfaced insights.

Align business objectives with customer feedback

Use Text Analytics Engine to create business objectives based on insights extracted from customer feedback. Product managers can tune ongoing product development to customer feedback, and customer support teams can identify and track why products are returned.


  • Data ingestion module
  • Setup and configure required Azure assets for Text Analytics Engine processing
  • Power BI reporting solution of extracted insights
  • Module for automatic refresh of reporting solution
  • Testing of newly configured system
  • Training of client’s team


Depending on the working and specific requirements of your business, this implementation might require us to collaborate with business analysts, business leaders, BI/DW report creators, and database administrators within your organization.