MazarsNow!B2B eCommerce Express 4Wk Implementation

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MazarsNow! Dynamics B2B e-Commerce Express Implementation

The MazarsNow! Dynamics 365 B2B e-Commerce Express Implementation engagement is a fixed fee, fixed scope and fixed timeline implementation services offering aimed at existing Dynamics 365 Supply Chain customers. The service engagement will allow for the implementation of a templated B2B e-commerce site with the most important scope of capabilities that will enable our clients to rapidly implement a live B2B e-commerce site powered by the native headless commerce engine.

###MazarsNow! Dynamics B2B e-Commerce Express Implementation### solution includes the following deliverables:

Express implementation approach

  • Leverage existing Product Information and Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Configuration
  • Enable Commerce online channel operations to enhance the Business partner experience
  • Deploy Cloud based infrastructure for e-Commerce with Built-in web authoring tools including layout templates and media assets library
  • Roll-out B2B Commerce portal with a predefined theme for a branded website Business to Business Commerce portal experience
  • Buyer self-service portal
  • Business partner onboarding process & self-service operations
  • Business partner assortments, catalogs, trade pricing and discounts managed in HQ
  • Fulfillment warehouse & modes of delivery
  • Intuitive product discovery through channel categories, attribute search capabilities and PDP
  • Quick Order entry based on previous orders, templates, placing order ‘on behalf of’
  • Invoicing & payment on account by defining users’ spending limits
  • Online transactional channel, e-Commerce orders synchronization to HQ & email order confirmation and notifications
  • Adyen Payment connector setup supporting omnichannel payment tokenization Commerce Site Builder Management
  • Out of the Box Commerce site theme
  • Content Management System Key User Training for sites pages and media management

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