MazarsNow! e-Commerce 10Wk Rapid Implementation

Mazars USA

MazarsNow! Dynamics 365 e-Commerce Rapid Implementation for B2C and B2B configurations

The MazarsNow! Dynamics 365 e-Commerce Rapid Implementation engagement is a fixed fee, fixed scope and fixed timeline implementation services offering. The service engagement will allow for either a B2C or B2B e-commerce implementation with the most important scope of capabilities that will enable our clients to rapidly implement a live e-commerce site with the native Dynamics 365 e-commerce functionality. This offering will allow end to end order management functions that are native to Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management features inherent in Dynamics 365 Commerce headquarters.

Included in our Mazars Now! e-Commerce Rapid Implementation solution are the following deliverables:

  • Environment configuration supporting full e-Commerce production deployment
  • Team overview showing key features and implementation considerations
  • Deployment of one company and associated online channel to support buy online and ship to preferred location process using Dynamics 365 Commerce standard processes and best practices.
  • Order Management Workflow and Invoice Finalization using standard Adyen Payment Connector
  • Configuration of CloudPOS Layout for preferred location pickup (up to 5 locations) using existing web token
  • Configuration of one website including Media assets management and theme skinning based on a predefined template
  • Mapping worksheets required to import key data elements and Initial data imports for go-live cutover activities
  • Integration templates for financial ledger, daily inventory upload and periodic sales export
  • End to end testing framework
  • Go-Live deployment support

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