NCE Excel Builder: 2 Hour Briefing

NAVAX Consulting GmbH

The NAVAX App-Team helps you with the first steps with NCE.


  • Remotely meet via Microsoft Teams with key team member(s) to discuss how the NCE is working.
  • become friendly with the first functions from NCE
  • showcase the NCE App to key team member so that they can create their own analysis
  • Identify future steps for success
  • FAQ


  • Setup of the module
  • Coaching, set up of one analysis for customers, and training on how to maintain the app
  • you will learn how filters, formulas and pivot tables are working and maintain


  • key team member(s) should have experience with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central UI and Microsoft Excel
  • Dynamics 365 Business Central licensing is required
  • NCE should be registered and installed

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