Unified Endpoint Management: 2 Week Workshop


Get an executive deep dive into remote deployment, management, and the security of corporate and BYOD devices in your organization, along with additional thorough topics for Endpoints​

Enable your users to be productive, on any device, at any time, without compromising data security with Microsoft Endpoint Management Solutions.

Netwoven's Unified Endpoint Management workshop will help you transform your IT delivery and device management capabilities, secure apps and data in the modern workspace, and remove barriers to productivity. The workshop spans over a period of 2 weeks and will have the following agenda:

Week 1


Gain visibility into the customer’s endpoint management goals and objectives​

Showcase Microsoft Endpoint Manager

Present Microsoft Endpoint Manager features related to managing the entire device lifecycle and enable these features in the customer environment focusing on cloud-only management for selected users and devices​

Week 2

Define results and next steps

​Provide the customer with the results of all activities included in the Endpoint Management Workshop and agree on the next steps that will help the customer to move to a modern management solution based on Microsoft Endpoint Manager​

Expected Workshop Outcomes

Learn how to improve your management capabilities with Microsoft Endpoint Manager

Discover & Protect your endpoints by enforcing policies and deploying security tools

Secure your users’ identities with multi-factor authentication & conditional access from any device

Enable your users to be productive with the applications they need, on the devices they want

Note: The price and duration of the engagement can vary based on the complexity of the customer environment and the scope of the project.

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