Power BI Report Server for Automotive: 1-Hr Briefing

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An overview of how Power BI Report Server can help your organization improve business performance. You can apply governance on your own terms and build your BI environment On-Premises.

We will provide you with a free, 1-hour briefing on how you can derive tremendous value from Power BI Report Server (PBIRS).

Accelerating the future of mobility in real-time

Today’s automakers are driving full speed toward transformed mobility. With digital transformation leading the way, industry leaders are discovering the need for data-driven tools that empower manufacturing with increased productivity, agility, and supply chain intelligence.

Competing to meet customers’ rapidly-changing mobility needs requires a data-first strategy that unlocks actionable insights and uncovers new methods for improved delivery.

How Power BI can help overcome challenges.

Increased organization productivity

  • Uncover fixes and prevent re-work at scale
  • Enable faster data-driven decision making
  • Empower operations with secure data access

Resilient operations

  • Enhance supply chain visibility and efficiency
  • Overcome complexity with data intelligence
  • Adapt to change in real-time

Differentiated customer experience

  • Drive deeper customer connections and loyalty
  • Deliver positive onsite customer experiences
  • Optimize traditional marketing and sales activities

Accelerated vehicle innovation

  • Visualize insights to accelerate innovation
  • Reduce cost, time, and speed-to-market
  • Manage and monitor connected vehicles in real-time

Emerging mobility services

  • Identify opportunities to monetize mobility
  • Manage congestion with real-time intelligence
  • Improve road condition forecast accuracy

Power BI Report Server (PBIRS) Features

You can distribute reports behind your organization’s firewall and build on your On-Prem reporting infrastructure, knowing it is part of a comprehensive, cloud-ready solution

There are several reasons why customers still want, and even need, an On-Prem solution to host Power BI Reports.

  1. Complement the Power BI Service
  2. PBIRS is useful for customers who want to have an additional choice for where to publish certain content and require that certain reports remain within the corporate firewall

  3. Highly Regulated Customers
  4. For highly regulated customers not allowed to use the cloud-based Power BI Service, PBIRS offers an option for publishing and securing reports.

  5. Integrate into existing investment in Reporting Services
  6. There are many customers who have Reporting Services implementations. Existing content can be migrated to PBIRS without any loss of functionality


We will discuss and understand your current business insight goals in an open and collaborative conversation that will cover:

  • Review of current BI state: you will quickly describe us the current state, where you want to go and constraints
  • Business questions that compel you and the lack of answers you get from your current BI setup


  • Business/IT decision makers
  • Business Analysts
  • Business Intelligence Managers

Meeting Deliverables:

During this briefing we will:

  • Explore PBIRS benefits
  • Compare reporting options: SSRS, PBIRS, Power BI Service and Hybrid scenarios
  • PBIRS edition installation options
  • Assess if licensed Microsoft technologies are available and evaluate the best PBIRS edition
  • Consider migration from SSRS

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