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Power BI Connector: 3-Wk Implementation

Slalom Consulting

Work with us to build a Connector and Service Content Pack that utilizes your API to enable quick insights and enhances your product’s visibility to your customers with the Power BI Platform.

By the end of the engagement you will have a publicly available Service Content Pack.

This will be of particular interest to ISVs and SaaS providers interested in enabling their customers to leverage Power BI with their tools.


Week 1: Discovery

  • Initial kickoff meeting to review and confirm the scope of the project
  • Detailed requirements gathering; review and discuss desired functionality
  • Review existing reports and analytics
  • Review available data

Week 2: Implementation

  • Develop Connector
  • Build queries and data transformations
  • Build data model including business logic and measures
  • Develop visualizations and reports

Week 3: Testing & Publishing

  • Review and revise content
  • Perform usability and load testing
  • Submit Content Pack to Power BI Content Pack Gallery


  1. Power BI Connector that handles authentication, paging, and throttling

  2. Publicly available Content Pack including:

    • Queries – any data transformation that need to be performed upon the raw data as available in the API
    • Robust Data Model – including tables, relationships, and measures relevant to the business context
    • Up to 5 pages of reports and visuals
    • Dashboard featuring highlights from the reports including entry point for NLP Q&A
    • Assistance in registering your content pack with Power BI Content Pack Gallery