Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Re-platforming Consulting and POC with Power Automate Desktop: 6 Weeks Engagement

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TCS has created a brief structured assessment offering for analyzing any existing RPA landscape and providing a light re-platform exercise into MS Power Automate Desktop for organizations.


Robotic Process Automation (RPA) has been a technology of focus for many years now that is targeted on automating repetitive operational tasks that can help significantly ease human effort. Today, the same technology has moved light years ahead with more advancement in collaborative interactions, multi-system integrations, AI and particularly the expanded usage of Low No Code RPA platforms.

Given the spread and feature variances among the many RPA platforms available, it is liable that organizations have chosen one or more to automate their processes. And into this mix falls Microsoft Power Automate. The increasing adoption of Microsoft 365 licenses has spurred the usage of multiple Power Platform components – especially Power Automate Desktop, the RPA solution set from the Microsoft Low No Code platform. Additionally, the Power Platform suite of automation capabilities by far provides the most comprehensive and easy to use interfaces for developers to build simple to complex RPA processes.

This has created a need for organizations to reassess their existing RPA landscape to understand fitment and possibly re-platform onto Power Automate RPA to create a more optimized and coherent system of automation.

Service Offering

TCS has created an assessment offering, DARE (Discover, Assess, Re-Platform & Estimate) for analyzing any RPA landscape and providing a light re-platform exercise for organizations:

• (D) Discover - Identify the existing automations across departments / units / geographies through a discovery workshop • (A) Assess - Handpick 5 RPA bots of varying complexity and perform the assessment for re-platforming • (R) Re-Platform - Migrate the 5 RPA bots into Power Automate Desktop and perform an ROI Analysis • (E) Estimate - Based on the initial discovery workshop, estimate the time and cost for the end-end migration of targeted processes

An intensive customer centric 6 – week time boxed engagement which is focused on providing the overarching understanding and value that Power Automate Desktop can provide to an automation vision.


• Week 1 – Discovery workshops & inventory decisions • Week 2 – Identification & Assessment of 5 bot processes (POC) • Week 3 / 4 – Migration of 5 bot processes to Power Automate Desktop • Week 5 – Testing & Sign-off of POC • Week 6 – Overall estimation, schedule, timelines & final presentation

This effort could provide organizations with the right starter kit to embark on a journey to rethink & possibly transform their RPA & Automation strategy.

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