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Connected Enterprise Asset Management - Rapid delivery of Minimum Viable Product, Maximising Microsoft Business Applications and Dynamics 365 Out of the Box capabilities​.

How do you ensure that your business is getting the best OOTB experience from Dynamics 365?

The Microsoft platform consists of multiple modules each providing different strengths, weaknesses, and maturity levels. To ensure that a client gets the most value out of the platform it is import to understand how to leverage the best elements of each module to avoid "over-configuration" or "over-customisation".

This is particularly important for the Dynamics 365 Field Service and Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations (including Supply Chain and Enterprise Asset Management) business applications. Clients get more value, delivered quicker, if the key elements of both are leveraged together rather than one being chosen and over-customised. With an approach of integrating the strongest capability from either system to meet business needs across their industry-aligned processes.​

Solution features are typically delivered through OOTB application functionality and further system configuration, with more complex cross-system processes requiring extended customisation and development.​

Velrada's experience has produced a ‘Field to Finance’ solution accelerator for Dynamics 365​

To help increase time-to-value and reduce design and planning costs, Velrada have developed a solution accelerator that fills the common gaps and business needs in large-scale Facility Management solutions. ​

Utilising the best capabilities from the Dynamics 365 portfolio, it provides an advanced solution baseline and integrated platform that can be further tailored to an organisation’s needs.

Implemented with Microsoft validated best practices and Velrada’s long running experience and know-how, the solution accelerator incorporates many of the lessons we have learned implementing and supporting an integrated Dynamics 365 solution stack to some of the worlds largest organisations.​

Offer pricing is estimated, as it is priced dynamically based on your needs, reach out today to learn more.

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