Finance for Media Agencies - Free Assessment

VetaTek, LLC

Learn how your Media Agency can integrate your media buying system with Business Central to streamline your financial processes and mitigate financial exposure.


We understand the unique challenges of Media Agencies to relate their client campaigns and receivables with their vendor payments and manage cash flow. We enhance Business Central to support the needs of media agencies to better manage their finances efficiently and reduce financial exposure. Our free assessment offers a no cost opportunity to assess how our experience, knowledge and software can help your business.


  • Proposal that include s
    • Current State Summary
    • High Level Fit Analysis
    • Value Proposition
    • Preliminary Budget
    • Preliminary Implementation Timeline <![endif]-->


Day 1 – Conduct meetings with key members of finance team

Day 2 – Meeting to Deliver Proposal


An initial assessment provides an opportunity for organizations to learn about VetaTek’s experience working with the finance teams of other Media Agencies and the potential benefits they can gain from implementing Business Central combined with our experience and intellectual property we have developed. We understand the unique requirements and integrations necessary to streamline the coordination of details managed in media planning and buying systems like Mediaocean, Strata or Advantage and the finance system.

About Us

VetaTek implements and supports Microsoft Dynamics and Office 365 solutions for small and medium-sized companies. VetaTek has strong knowledge in implementing Business Central for finance teams at media agencies.

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