Automotive CRM Deployment: 6-Wk Implementation

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Automotive CRM application deployment service

Automotive CRM is a car dealer’s sales tool for digital world - a multi-brand solution for digitalization of sales processes at car dealerships.

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We have prepared a package for deployment of the solution to the customer’s tenant using out-of box features with slight customizations.

The deployment process takes approximately 30 mandays and consists of several components:

Training Automotive CRM implementation starts with training of key users and administrators to explain in detail functionality and concepts of the solution. The training is done on test drive environment using generic data. The training is used as a platform to collect users' feedback and to explain inputs needed for application setup & customization and for data migration. The feedback is collected within standardized setup questionnaire. End users are trained later on after UAT by the key users.

Application Setup and Customisation Based on the input from the key users our consultants, together with key users, prepare the Automotive CRM for the go-live. This includes parametrization of the application, finetuning of forms, setup of business process flows etc. The setup & customization is done in test environment and after approval transferred to production environment.

Data Migration The customer data is loaded to Automotive CRM from predefined data migration templates. The migration templates are handed over and explained as part of Training sessions. There are two migration rounds - test migration to fine tune load of customer specific data and to prepare the application for UAT and final migration right before going live.

Go-live Go-live procedure consists of following steps: 1. Acceptance test (UAT) to confirm readiness of the application for go-live. The UAT is done on completely set up and customizes environment with data migrated as part of test migration. 2. End user training performed by key

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