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PowerApps & Your Business: 3-Day Proof of Concept

XRM Vision

Starting from one of your business processes, we will create a Proof of Concept using PowerApps and Flow.

In this 3-day Proof of Concept, we will review a business process of your choice and build a basic Power App as a working solution (depending on the scope of the project) that you can use to automate your process and show your organization the value of implementing more efficient solutions. This PowerApp will work as a Proof of Concept to develop a more complete and powerful PowerApp in the future.


*Analyze the business process you want to automate

*Draft and approval of the PowerApps and Flow solution that will be created

*Agile development of the application working directly with your business users and IT analysts, we will also ensure that the PowerApps integrates with your system

*Proof of Concept presented to business executives


*A basic functioning PowerApp integrated with one of your other Microsoft technologies (Sharepoint, CRM, Flow etc.)

*A full report explaining the opportunities identified using PowerApps and Flow

*A deeper understanding of the value PowerApps can bring to your business processes