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Tasklet Mobile WMS (Warehouse Management System) for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

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User-friendly barcode scanner solution with easy integration, real-time data and offline functionality.

Tasklet Mobile WMS is your extended arm for Business Central and will give you the streamlined warehouse operations you have always wanted. Real-time updates to Business Central will give you complete visibility and control of your inbound, internal, and outbound warehouse processes.

Tasklet Mobile WMS:
- used by 1,500+ customers worldwide
- running on 15,000+ devices
- chosen by 400+ Certified Microsoft partners Worldwide as strategic ISV partner
- 100% integrated in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Make the transition from manual to digital and say goodbye to errors and hello to accurate and real-time data. With Tasklet Mobile WMS, you'll have the power to perform in the palm of your hand.

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Warehouse management made easy
- Save one day a week on your logistics
- Simplify your work and get more done in less time
- Cut down your error rate
- Real-time data will provide inventory accuracy
- Get digital guidance through a user-friendly interface
- Get the functionality you need to succeed in every part of your workflows
- Increase your customer satisfaction level

Software created to fit your warehouse needs
- Compatible with Android scanners
- 24/7 on/offline performance
- Store all your warehouse data in one place to avoid complexity
- User-friendly and intuitive interface
- Installed within a few hours
- Easy to customize to fit your specific needs
- Outstanding real-time support to help you when you need it

Out of the box features
- Receive - Register and control received items. Supports lot-/serial numbers and expiry dates
- Put Away - Assign a bin to the received items
- Pick - Picking of single or consolidated orders
- Move - Perform planned, unplanned or bulk movements of items
- Count - Perform planned or unplanned counts
- Adjust Quantity - Complete a negative adjustment and provide a reason code
- Bin Content - Look-up the content of a warehouse bin
- Locate Item - Look-up the bin, the available quantity, and the product data of an item
- Item Cross Reference - Associate or add a barcode to an existing item
- Substitute Items - Scan an item barcode and look-up substitute items
- Print Label - Print labels from the mobile device
- Shipping - Perform shipment of your items from the mobile device
- Attach Image - Attach pictures in the work process or create item images
- Production - Report consumption, output and time on released production orders
- Assembly - Report consumption and output on assembly orders
- Pack & Ship - Finish the packing and shipping from the mobile device

We support the following Industries
- Manufacturing
- Distribution & Logistics
- Healthcare and Medical
- Retail
- Wholesale
- Food Services
- Service & Hospitality
- Public
- and more

Supported Editions
Essential and Premium

Supported Countries
All countries where Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is available

Supported Languages
The app is available in English (United States), Danish (Denmark), French (France) and Italian (Italy)
The mobile app is available in more than 15 languages

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