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CIRCON Finance Difference Letter

CIRCON Circle Consulting AG

CIRCON Finance Difference Letter

This finance add-on enables to create the detailed letter for customer with identification of payment - invoice settlement and residual differences.
This is very helpful for the customer to understand better which transaction were settled to each other and obtain a list of all transactions for the specific settlement.
For reconciliation purposes it can be very useful to have access to such a list of all transactions settled on a particular date, especially when any differences are included.


This functionality can be used directly in settlement process or subsequently from selected customer transactions.
During the settlement process the difference letter can be triggered after transactions were marked for a settlement in open transactions form.
But even at any time thereafter this list can be called for any customer transaction or even group of them.


Because the reason of the settlement can often be the same, this feature offers also a possibility to predefine default header and footer texts.
This default text functionality supports the multilanguage definition.
That means every such text can be specified for any of the AX-supported languages and is automatically printed on the letter depend on the customer language.


Each printed difference letter is logged into the history table.
This allows the possibility to have a view of all historical difference letters .