Fast Simon - Search, Filters and Merchandising

par Fast Simon, Inc.

Advanced search, collection filters, personalization and merchandising for fast-growing brands.

Optimize online shopper experience to increase conversion rate & AOV.

InstantSearch+ delivers AI search, collection filters, merchandising, personalization, similar styles, and complete-the-look to increase merchants’ conversion rate.


As leading ecommerce search providers, we’re passionate about taking the search signal as far as possible. We pioneered a set of modules that help our customers, maximize conversion rate across the entire shopping experience.


Fast Simon's Advanced Modules:

  • Smart Search - Leading ecommerce search powering top online stores
  • Collection Filters - Auto collection filters presented in an optimal order
  • Merchandising - Optimize collections, search results, and products using visual WYSIWYG interface or automation rules
  • Upsell & cross-sell - Make recommendations to your shoppers to increase AOV
  • Visual Retailing - Look-a-likes & visual similarity recommendation widgets
  • Professional Analytics - Insightful analytics to improve your shop’s performance
  • Landing Page Generator - Automatically create SEO-friendly landing pages


  • AI-based Search (Product & Content)
  • Mobile Search
  • Instant Search & Autocomplete
  • Typo & Autocorrection
  • Did You Mean & Related Searches
  • Turbolinks (redirects)
  • Synonyms & Antonyms
  • Search Filters
  • SKU Search
  • Visual Search


  • Product Merchandising
  • Search Merchandising
  • Auto Collection Merchandising
  • Visual Collection Merchandising
  • Recommendations Merchandising
  • Rule-based Merchandising

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