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Eva Investigation Application


Improve the quality of serious incident investigations and deliver better patient care.

Eva for Investigations is an application which helps clinicians run serious incident investigations in healthcare organisations Eva Features: • Digital, user-friendly application • Accessible remotely, any time, any device, any location • Data from investigations is used to identify common themes • Analysis of underlying problem in a serious incident Eva Benefits: For Clinicians: • Training on how to Investigate serious incidents • Structured, step-by-step process to carry out an investigation • On-demand prompts and cues about investigative terminology and best practice techniques • Evidence gathering • Findings made • Recommendations identified • Populates a final report ready to share with Governance For Healthcare Organisations: • Dashboards to show relevant information • Identification of common themes and industry trends • Improvement in patient safety Fancy a trial? We can give you the opportunity to trail one of your incidents using our Eva investigations application all in just one day, with guidance from our investigative experts. Agenda Morning 1. Understand your current investigation process 2. Scope 3. Walkthrough / demo of Eva Application Afternoon 1. Use the Eva Application to Input a real incident from your hospital 2. See the report populated 3. Gather feedback 4. Eva to share a business value case