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Avtex Omnichannel solution for Genesys PureCloud


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Avtex's InteractionSync integrates Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Genesys PureCloud

InteractionSync for PureCloud integrates Genesys PureCloud with Microsoft Dynamics 365 applications, linking all communications with the power of Dynamics 365.

The reduced-footprint PureCloud client resides on a sidebar of your Dynamics 365 layout and can handle around 85% of most agent-related actions.

While the interface is one of the most visible features of InteractionSync for PureCloud, the real power comes from the automated screen pop and activity creation that's built underneath it. InteractionSync will intelligently search Dynamics 365 for the proper contact, lead, or account to pop. Once the interaction is started, InteractionSync will automatically create and manage Dynamics 365 activities.

Special Notes:

  • Selecting "Free Trial" will deploy the InteractionSync solution to the selected Dynamics org typically within one hour
  • "Free Trial" requires an active Genesys PureCloud account with InteractionSync licenses activated. Contact for more details.