Cover End-2-End-Scenarions by linking records

Let´s assume you are a Sales Employee working with D365 CE. Last week you planned an Appointment in the system with Mr. Zehnder (a Contact of the Customer you are responsible for).
Today the meeting takes place. Mr. Zehnder and you discuss about the new product your company is offering. He is very interested but wants to get further details and you agree on sending Marketing Materials and a Follow-Up Meeting together with the Product Owner of your company.
As you are very busy and you have more than one Appointment per day it will most likely happen that you get back to the office and forget to send him the additional material he requested and forget to schedule the Follow-Up Appointment. In the end Mr. Zehnder is not very satisfied and his company does not buy the new product.
WE solve your problem with the cc|ce followuprecordcreator package.
With our solution you can directly create, schedule and send the Follow-Up Appointment AND you can directly create a Task for your Inside Sales or Marketing Colleague to send the Marketing Material of the product to Mr. Zehnder. In the Appointment you can see all Follow-Up Activities you defined and have an overview about the status of them at a glance.

By using our solution we help you to: 

  • save time and internal costs 
  • improve your customer journey 
  • increase your customer satisfaction 
  • increase your employee´s efficency and efficacy

Core functionalities:

  • possibility to create records out of any record
  • automatic linkage of the records created
  • inheritance of data to the new record
  • navigation between linked records
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