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A Ticketing and CRM platform for Leisure & Cultural venues, built on top of Dynamics 365.

dot.Ticketing was developed by Dot.Cy, a global provider of world-class software solutions built on the powerful ecosystem of Microsoft Dynamics 365. Since the company’s foundation in 1999, Dot.Cy has served more than 200 clients in their digital transformation improving their processes, products, and customer experiences.

dot.Ticketing combines the possibilities of Ticketing and CRM in one solution, so you can easily handle ticketing operations and visitor interactions from pre-arrival to post-departure. Built on top of Dynamics 365, it offers a full-service, GDPR-compliant cloud platform suitable for Museums, Entertaining Venues, and Theme parks.

With embedded ticketing modules, you can configure any ticket in the same environment, eliminating costly add-ons and external ticketing integrations. The platform follows a visitor-centric approach, so different departments can utilize a wealth of data to offer exceptional service throughout the whole customer journey. Modules such as Ticket & Product Management, Digital Marketing, Visitor Services & Operations, Groups & Corporate Sales, Events Management, Sponsorships & Memberships are all available in one system, allowing different departments, portals, and sales channels to interconnect and operate seamlessly and efficiently.

Leverage the power of AI, Chatbots, and Business Intelligence Reporting to identify bottlenecks in service delivery, and improve productivity, services, and operational efficiency. Gain access to a Holistic Customer View to offer personalized packages and handle customer interactions at every touchpoint.

All departments can now make confident decisions using up-to-the-minute analytics to increase sales and maximize customer satisfaction. Contact us today for a free demo!

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